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Harvestrig Scam Revealed

  • 17 Şubat 2022
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Harvestrig Scam Revealed

Harvesting Scam Revealed; Hello dear readers, today I will inform you about a new fraud case. We are talking about applications and projects that you will gain from time to time on our site. At the same time, we try to provide as much information as we can so that you do not become a victim and lose your money by talking about applications that make mistakes or do not pay users.

I will explain the transactions made with the website operating under the name of Harvestrig Madencilik, the earnings, and all the troubles you may experience after the investment, respectively, and when my tongue returns.

What is Harvest Mining? How Does It Promise Earnings?

Harvesting is a mining site. In other words, although it is claimed to provide services and profits as mining, it is actually an established Ponzi system and is complete deception. The system encourages both investing and adding members at the same time by offering options such as become a member, invest, earn, become a member, and earn income.

The system tells you to choose a package after investing, and it is believed that you can withdraw your winnings at the end of the package you choose. For example, the site says you deposited $1000. He is deceiving the members by saying that you can withdraw 1700 dollars after 10 days. Now everything is normal until here, so where is the scam? I will touch on this subject shortly, now I am sharing with you the image of the investment packages in the system and what they say.

Harvestrig Scam Revealed » Bedava İnternet

As you can see above, this system has an investment plan. So how much you deposit and how much you will earn is written here.


How Harvesting Mining Scams Work

Harvesting Scam Our main point here is that they offer many options or excuses to get their hands on your money. For example, you invested $100 and made a 5-day investment. After this process, you decided to buy the same $100 package as you won and you won. 5 days after completing this process, your time expires and they say you cannot withdraw your money, it is enough to buy the same package once, but you bought two. So what happens, they ask you for money again saying that you have to deposit again and get a higher package and your money will be lost.

As I mentioned above, only some Hasvestrig scams happen. Well, you didn’t do any of that. You made an investment and wanted to withdraw after the investment period. In this way, after the transaction you have made without any problems, the money you want to withdraw will be canceled and you will reach the same result. Why was my withdrawal request canceled? They don’t give your money in response to your question saying there is a problem, of course, there are many excuses for this;

Harvestrig Scam Revealed » Bedava İnternet

As you can see they cancel and do not pay as we request a withdrawal.

  • Even if you have one account, no payment is made even if you have more than one account.
  • Your account is logged in from your different IP address, payment cannot be made.
  • You cannot get paid without purchasing an upgrade pack

Spending machine scams come into play when you only want to withdraw a portion of your deposit. Moreover, when you insist on taking your money, they kick you out of their group, and all communication is cut off.

Harvesting Mining Scam

I’ve tried to keep you as informed as possible about Harvestrig, it’s a complete scam and a lot of people are losing thousands of dollars this way. You may find it difficult to seek your rights as the payments are made through exchanges and are not tracked. There are many sites like Harvestrig mining scams. We advise you not to enter such promising systems or to opt for a good research result.

You can share your problems with Harvestrig in the comments section.


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